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Dear our customers,

Firstly, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Vu Hoang Hiep, a Piano technician who found Pianonet. This brand belongs to Phuc Lam company that is located in Kim Ma street, Hanoi, Vietnam.

I know that most customers have not enough experiences and fell less confident how to select a Piano, especially in second hand ones. So what are reasons why they do not want to purchase a brand new Piano? Because brand new one has three disadvantages: 1. The price is expensive and downs quickly; 2. Made in third worlds (China, Indonesia,…); 3. Contemporary, Pianos are made by industrial materials. Besides, the wood portions are not dried in sunlight and processed better than before.

Why do not customers ask helps from piano specialists (piano technicians and teachers) to select for them? The answer is: the piano technicians have not many and it is difficult to find them in Vietnam. Regarding the piano teachers, there is two things should to be clear: firstly, their advantages only are performance and teaching, they have not much experience to distinguish which is a fantastic or bad piano (original, mechanical movement, synchronousness and accuracy among parts of piano in moving) that belongs to technique field or not of their expertise. Secondly, this is a sensitive thing and you can find out more here if you want.

I understand highly your worry because I was a person who has had experiences about shopping piano for my children. Hence, I open this business. After a long process of research, study and practice to become a piano technician, I established Pianonet brand to aim to assist you who are parents to minimize the confusion while shopping a piano. I want simply my customers have enough knowledge to purchase a good and value piano.

Every enterprise has their own advantages as well as they also want advertise those. In Pianonet, I myself collect every single piano to import, I myself take care, regulate and warranty them. Even, I understand every characteristic of every single piano that I possess.

Before start going to look at pianos, I would highly appreciate if you could spend time read carefully the information in KNOWLEDGE ABOUT PIANO in this Website. It is then very surprise that you will be very confidence to select a fantastic piano that suit with you.

Vu Hiep

Phuc Lam Co., Ltd.
Mr. Vu Hoang Hiep
(Mobile: 0906.222.209)
Address: No. 1 Alley 251 Kim Ma Str., Ba Đinh Dist., Hanoi, Vietnam.



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