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About the price of some popular piano (secondhand) 

Below are the pricelist of some popular secondhand pianos in Vietnam (Updated on 23 August 2011. The price is increased due to the change in exchange rate, the lost of USD to JPY, and some others.)



Yamaha Products Kawai Products Other Brands Products Price
    Japan-piano 2 pedal 800 – 1200$
Yamaha 2 Pedal Kawai 2 Pedal  

800 – 1200$

    Japan-piano 3 pedal 1300 – 1700$
    Kaiser, Eterna, Miki (Yamaha Action) 1400 – 1800$
  BL12, BL31, BL51   1400 – 1700$
U1 (serial number under 1.000.000) BL61, TP125, KS3F   1600 – 1900$
U1 (serial number from 1.000.000 to 1.400.000) BL71, KS5F, NS15, BS10   1700 – 2000$
U1H, U3E, U3F, U3G BS1A, NS25, SA5E, KL502   1900 – 2200$
U1H (serial number from 2.800.000); U3H (serial number <2.000.000) ; U2H     2000 – 2400$
U3H (serial number from 2.000.000 to 2.800.000) ;  MC301, W101, 102, 103, 104 BS2A   2300 – 2600$
U3H (serial number from 2.800.000), U2M, W101B, W102B, W103B, W104B BS3A, SU2LN   2400 – 2700$
UX (serial number from 2.000.000 – 2.800.000) US50, US55   2500 – 2800$
UX (serial number >2.800.000), U3M, U1A, U2A, W106 US60M, US6LE, US5X   2600 – 2900$
YUS, UX1 (serial number from 3.000.000 – 3.999.000), U10BL, MC10lA, W106B KL11KF, KL11W1   2700 – 3100$
UX1 (serial number from 4.000.000), U3A (serial number <4.000.000)     2900 – 3200$
UX2 (serial number from 4.000.000), YUX (serial number from 3.200.000), U30BL, U10A     3100 – 3400$
YUA, U30A, UX3     3600 - 4100$


Why is there a several hundred USD gap? There are 4 main reasons:

1. Imported pianos are more expensive than origin-unidentified ones
2. Imported pianos with higher standards are more expensive
3. Pianos, which are carefully regulated, are more expensive than those that are cleaned outside only
The regulation part is thought to be the most important step that determines the quality of the pianos. Almost all the second hand pianos are used or abandoned for a long time and need regulating before use. Many pianos in Vietnam are just cleaned and polished outside so that they can be shiny and easy to be sold. It is very hard for buyers to recognize that. It is quite difficult to regulate a piano and to do so, the technician must be very experienced and trained. Moreover, it takes time to regulate a piano, normally from 5 to 10 days. This explains why a regulated piano in Japan is so costly and also why the store which can not do this step sells their pianos for a lower price.
4. Pianos with standard warranty are more expensive.To import original components or Japanese made ones are not an easy task and quite pricey. To replace those components properly also needs a qualified technician. That is why the store with standard warranty services has to charge fee for that.

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