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I have a dream 

I am neither an artist, nor an author, so please excuse me for these awkward but true-to-my heart lines.

Everything is so simple when you are small and surrounded in your parents’ arms. Time flies, getting married, raising kids, dealing with life sometimes make you feel so tired, lonely, and even empty. You then think of Trinh1’s music with “So tiring my feet are … so tiring my body is …”2 and you feel it all. We all probably have experienced this once or twice in our life.

Once, I was having that feeling when I came back home and found my little son playing the piano passionately. At that moment, I suddenly realized that happiness is here, right in front of my eyes, right at that moment, and is so simple, yet easy to be found.

I then dreamt of a peaceful Vietnam where people do not have to be in such a rush that they forget the simple happiness just around them. I dreamt of a Vietnam being filled with peaceful sounds from pianos, not only in some alleys; a typical winter night in Hanoi with a cozy atmosphere when the whole family of grandparents, parents and even the kids gather together to enjoy the little child’s piano performance.

As I did research in several foreign countries, especially those with similar cultures such as Korea, Japan, I found out the popularity of piano usage. So why don’t we do the same? A lot of people have changed their mobile phones, cars just to show off their fashion style. I just wonder how many of them have thought of some money for music. How much have we spent on our soul? What have we got on our mind for the future generation? When struggling to earn a living in life, have you ever thought of “the piano in the ruined house”3.

I’ve opened this business, with a view to earn a living and make profit just like other businessman. However, I aim at something bigger, to make my dream come true, sooner or later. That’s why I’ve tried so hard, not only for me myself, but for families of average life standard to have good, cheap and suitable pianos. We are just waiting for you, to think of a beautiful future for each of us, and for the whole nation.

Vu Hiep

1. Trịnh Công Sơn (1939 - 2001), a famous former song writer, one of the statues of Vietnamese music.

2. Quote from the song "Ngau Nhien" that talks about the impermanence in our life.

3. Quote from the song "Em oi, Ha Noi pho" written by Phu Quang. It talks about the love for Ha Noi.








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