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If you have an intention to buy a piano, you will definitely ask for opinions from people you know, look for information on the Internet or go to different shops. However, time never seems to be enough to understand thoroughly about the field. People then decide to buy a piano just like tossing a coin, with a hope of luck that they can choose a good one. Some are persuaded because of the tactful and ear-catching talks by the shop assistants. Others ask for opinions of piano teachers as they are claimed to have professional knowledge. In fact, piano teachers are those who are taught to play and to teach only. They are much different from us, the technicians who understand better referring to technical issues. They do not really know much about this as you think. You can read more about this here.

Being a professional technician, I am willing to help you be more confident with your purchasing decision. The knowledge I have gained does not only owe its origin to my personal experience, but also to the collected, extracted and translated professional materials that I have got. Nonetheless, it only works when you read it very carefully, again and again, step by step. Or else, it may even be counter-productive. You then will have a chance to buy good second-hand piano with a reasonable price, which is said to be better than buying a brand-new one, so please, just be patient.




1. Acoustic or Digital Piano:


Basically, there are two types of pianos on Vietnamese market: acoustic and digital piano. The former one is the real piano with sound and art values to contribute to the elegance and beauty of your home. The latter one does not have such values as acoustic pianos, but they are known for their mobility and usefulness. To understand more about this, please have a look here.

Now, if you have decided to go for digital piano, it is not necessary to continue reading. Just come to any piano store to choose any piece that suits your budget, make a bargain and then a purchase. You should go for the 88-note-keyboard (as there is a 76-note-one) with Grand Hammer System GHS which is created to get a sound quality as good as an acoustic one. Good bye and good luck with your purchase.


2. Brand-new or second-hand:


We only mention Upright Piano here even though there is another kind called Grand Piano, which is a big one with wings, used to perform. Have a look at these two kinds here, and make your own decision.

Do you intend to buy brand-new pianos? If yes, Yamaha and Kawai agencies in Vietnam will be willing to help you. In case you want to order a brand-new piano from Yamaha or Kawai, please contact us for more information.

3. Which brand? Which model?


3.1. Brand:


Vietnam is known for its changeable weather from humidity to dryness and pianos from Japan are said to cope well with it. However, there are quite a lot Japanese piano brand names in Vietnam. Take a look at this to see which brand should be chosen.


3.2. Model:


Have you ever heard of U1, U2, U3, etc. ? What do they mean? 


In fact, these products are made to go with their specific users. Please read this.

3.3. Letters E, F, G, H after U1, U2, U3, what do they mean?

Each letter represents a model. Apart from models E, F, G, H, M, A which are for traditional products such as U1, U2, U3, etc. many other models have been supplied to vary the products as U30A, U30BL, U300, etc.

This article helps provide you with information about almost all piano models and the production time of each model. Also, thanks to the serial number on the piano, you can look up for year of production for reference (for Upright Yamaha and Kawai only)

4. Budget balance:

Depending on how much you want to spend on the piano, you can choose the most suitable one by looking at the pricelist here.


You should find a store with these criteria:

1. Being a direct importer or selling pianos with importing certificates. Ask the shop assistant to show you importing documents such as Custom Paper or C/O and then you will know whether they are a direct one or not. By doing this, you will be able to avoid origin-unidentified pianos in the market.

2. Being supplied with authorized equipment and piano components. Ask the shop assistant to show you some components such as hammer, keyboard, etc. The authorized ones will be sealed in box, with barcode and brand information on the box. The store with authorized components is technically proficient enough to provide standard products and warranty later.

3. Having professionally trained piano tuners and warranty details. This is very important thing to bear in mind.Bạn nên tìm các cửa hàng có đủ những điều kiện sau:


First, take a look at this to know more about the origin and quality of second hand pianos in Vietnam.

3.1 Origin check-up :

To avoid buying origin-unidentified pianos, ask the shop assistant to show you Certificate of Origin (C/O).

C/O page 1 (Please pay attention to the red lines)


C/O page 2 with seal in both pages


3.2 Quality check-up:

3.2.1 Documents check:

Ask for Certificate of Quality (C/Q):

The first part of C/Q is the explanation for the criteria A, AB, B, C, etc.


The second part is the list of pianos and quality standard of each piano:


3.2.2. Piano check:

Information is being updated.


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