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Comparison between digital piano and acoustic piano 

Let us have an overview about digital piano, normally known as electronic pianos. First, consider the physical form of a digital piano carefully. The below photo on the right is an acoustic piano and the other is a digital one (over $1000)



Most digital pianos look like an acoustic piano in miniature. Just like a traditional piano, a digital piano features 88 keys and 3 pedals (except some cheap kinds with 76 keys). Though a digital piano is smaller than an upright piano, its keyboard’s length and height are almost in the same to assure the standard posture for players. The weight of a digital piano is much lighter than a traditional one (around 40 kg).
A digital piano is functioning like a disc player, the sound is recorded from that of an acoustic piano, each key acts as a “Play” button so that the notes will be sounded the instrument’s speaker. Different from the action of an acoustic piano, which allows the sound to be transmitted to a wooden soundboard, a digital piano functions based on a electronic chip and the sound is echoing through a speaker system.



Advantages Disadvantages
Because the sound is recorded from an acoustic piano, it may include the sound of many other pianos such as grand piano, upright piano… a digital piano produces a variety of piano tone. Digital pianos do have limitations on the faithfulness with which they reproduce the sound of an acoustic piano. These include the lack of implementation of harmonic tones that result when certain combinations of notes are sounded, limited polyphony, and a lack of natural reverberation
Some digital pianos may record your performance and they can connect to other electronic devices such as USB, MIDI…  
They do not require tuning and are easy to move Digital pianos, of which the keyboards’ sensitivity is as good as the tradition piano, are as expensive as a traditional one. Moreover, when selling or upgrading, digital pianos are usually devalued
They include a headphone and you may adjust the volume Digital pianos cannot compete with acoustic ones in terms of making your house look more luxurious and elegant.


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