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Comparison table between Brand new and Secondhand Piano 

Comparison table between Brand new and Secondhand Piano

(Yamaha and Kawai trên thị trườn Việt Nam)

  Brandnew Secondhand
Duration of use Brand new 100% Being used more than 10 years
Authenticity 100% Some components are replaced or repaired
Country of origin China, Indonesia Japan
Wood Almost Industrial wood Almost high quality original wood
Wood processing  Dry shortly in a room Dry long days in the sun
Metal components Mostly iron Mostly copper
Weather adaptability Not verified yet Good
Stable utilization Stable utilization After 1 month
Stability Not verified yet High
Sound quality Under 10.000usd is normal Good
Price Expensive Variation
Advantages Origin, 100% brand new

- Made in Japan with very good materials

- Adapting well with Vietnamese weather

- High quality sound


- High stability

- Various prices. High maintaining price.




- Produced in third countries

- Not high quality sound

- Expensive

- Losing price quickly

Pianos with not good quality may be bought

Brand new Pianos for Vietnamese market as well as South East Asian countries are produced in Indonesia and China to reduce the price and increase competition efficiency

If you want to ship brand new pianos which are made in Japan (2-3 times more expensive than those made in third world countries), you can select in Yamaha or Kawai homepage. The language of the website is Japanese, consequently it would be better if you use Google to translate from Japanese to English

-  Type: then ask Google to translate it from Japanese to English.

- Then click into musical instrument.

- Then click in to Upright Piano. You can look at various products. The price is posted in Japanese currency (Yen).

- Select a suitable one piano and make an order with Pianonet.

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