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Should we ask for help from piano teachers to choose a piano? 

Should we ask for help from piano teachers to choose a piano? To answer this, first, you need to know what you can ask them to do (as they are not the ones who know everything about pianos) and who you can ask for help (as those are thought to be teachers might not be the ones who teach).

It should be agreed that machines in general and pianos in particular need human’s intervention at least in 2 steps: operation and technique. These two steps are supportive to each other and are initially taught on a basic foundation but when it goes deeper in the field, it is divided in two almost different branches: general and specific purposes. Piano teachers are trained to play and teach pianos and their field is completely different from ours. Checking, tuning, regulating and so on are technical and they are much different from teachers’ and artists’ composing and playing pianos.

People say this piano has better sound than others, that piano does not. It is true? It appears that the sound of a piano is just like a course in a meal that the flavor is determined by different people’s taste.  People like different sounds when they listen to different music. That is why the taste for an instrument of a Jazz player is different from that of a classical player. In fact, there are faulty or not faulty (good) pianos. Faulty instruments are the old ones that are repaired by unprofessional technicians. They can look good outside but can have many technical problems inside so the regulation part does not work properly and the sound does not appear as it should. Piano teachers can realize this, and it is the only thing they can help you with. What matters is most of the checking steps to confirm the quality of a piano are related to other parts such as whether any components have been replaced, the components are original or not, the tuning knots are firm enough, etc. These problems are hardly found by piano teachers or players. So who can actually help you?

Nowadays, piano teachers are known to have quite close relationship with piano stores. When the buyers ask them for help in purchasing a piano, they often call differentstores, ask for the price and tip, sometimes even exaggerate the real value of the instruments. By doing this, they will find out which store offers them the best money. They then will take you to several stores, show their own opinions in an objective way but for sure will buy at the store that offers the best amount of tips. They are not piano teachers in the eyes of the shop owners, but pimps. Do not let yourself be victims of these pimps.

Parents normally think those who are hired to teach piano for their children are piano teachers. In fact, some learn to play the Vietnamese two-chord fiddle and then teach piano; but that is even better than those without any piano lessons, who still teach just after self-study and play a little. It is quite popular that people get confused between teachers and those who agree to teach (for example students). If you ask those people who are not trained and qualified for their opinions about piano purchasing, it will be even more risky.

Anyway, I know there are still few good piano teachers who help people buy pianos responsibly and tell what they know frankly. The shop owners later still give them some commission with respect. They do not accept it at first, but do later, after being explained. Their opinions do not change though.

When buying a piano, it is advisable that you should consider thoroughly and if you need to ask for consultancy from a piano teacher, you have to accept his limitation in technical issues. You should also be aware of the role of the person you want to get help from. Or else, you can have your own decision as you can make up your mind after reading these articles. 

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