Mua piano

Đàn piano

1. Each piano in Pianonet is chosen carefully by the owner to import. Each piano is going through 26 steps of professional reconditioning before show in the showroom..

2. Pianos in Pianonet is 100% imported from Japan, which means they do not only have importing files and receipts but are also provided with Certificate of Origin "CO" approved by Japanese Trade and Industry Chamber, and specially Certificate of Quality "CQ". Piano buyers can ask for these documents to verify the origin and quality of the pianos they want to buy.

3. Pianonet only orders pianos of high quality (suppliers in Japan have various criteria of quality, as well as price list).

4. Pianonet is prepared with all the substitute components imported from Japan, which equals to the confirmation of high product quality when being sold and under warranty.   

Bán piano

Dan piano